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"Liquidations, overstocks, closeouts, promotional goods"

WARNING: All sample photographs are the original work of Kenneth Glasser Co using our inventory or merchandise that has passed through our hands. Any other web site that uses these photographs is hijacking copyrighted material and presenting it fraudulently. FACT: We have not granted permission or licensed any other web site or company to use these photographs in any form or media. Certain publications have been authorized in writing to use certain, selected photographs for a one-time use giving fully disclosed credit to, a division of Kenneth Glasser Co.

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Sample #PoC2-01


all stones over 3mm 

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-02


Closeup of Sample PoC2-01 

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-03

6.10ct and 5.22ct

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Sample #PoC2-04

4.45ct, 4.07ct,3.74ct,3.63ct 

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Sample #PoC2-05



enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-06


3.23ct,3.13ct,3.02, 2.98ct, 2.84ct (green), 2.80ct, 2.80ct 

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-07


2.75ct, 2.67ct, 2.62ct, 2.58ct

enlarge picture

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Sample #PoC2-09


.89to.37ct ave.59ct

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-10


Closeup of Sample PoC2-09

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-11


 .45to.27ct ave.38ct

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-12


Closeup of Sample PoC2-11

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-13


  .37to.15ct ave.26ct

enlarge picture

Sample #PoC2-14


Closeup of Sample PoC2-13 

enlarge picture

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