Diamond Rough Cleaning

Diamond Rough that has been extracted from the earth needs to be properly cleaned. This must be done on a more extreme level for mined goods extracted from earthy mineral host rock (such as Kimberlite or Lamprolite) in order to have pure Diamond Rough free of external debris. Alluvial diamonds should also be cleaned properly, but generally it is a less extreme process. There are many methods for cleaning and purifying the exterior of Rough Diamonds. Some methods have the ability to cleanse the interior of specific structures of Rough. We will review all of the various methodologies and precautions that are required for efficient and safe cleaning. This includes methods that can be done by a properly trained individual, as well as those that can only be outsourced to professional cleaners.

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Final rinses once all the attached dirt and debris has been removed from the diamond rough. Final stages of cleaning and drying of the diamond rough. Water and then alcohol rinses.
A look at some wet, clean diamonds. Burning alcohol to dry the stones of a completed small diamond rough parcel. Burning alcohol to dry the stones of a completed large diamond rough parcel.

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