Diamond Rough Consultation Services
for the Diamond Rough and Mining Industries

Diamond Mining Property Consultation Services
  1. Mining property values (buying or selling a mine)
  2. Startups, initiation of a new mine (hard rock) and/or alluvial (ancient dry or submersion) processing on a given property
  3. Ocean mining operations
  4. Equipment and machinery options, efficiency output with initial cost considerations
  5. Contractual distribution from a given mine or property
  6. Economic evaluations on mine output along with potential for future profits
  7. Licenses, legal, imports of equipment and operational materials, exports of production, security and insurance issues
  8. Environmental impact and Earth-friendly methods of ongoing operations, reclaimation
Appraisal of Value and Production Potential for Parcel Lots and Single Diamond Rough Stones
  1. Monetary wholesale valuations for country of origin and local current markets
  2. Production options on any given single stone or parcel - this includes gemstone potential and/or industrial usage valuation for certain types of diamond rough

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