Diamond Rough

Diamond Rough is available for every application. The range of our rough is from 100.00ct+ flawless collection-color mono crystals to small boart for grinding wheels. We stock the full range of shapes, sizes, and qualities in Diamond Rough.

Cuttable Diamond Crystals - gem-quality, many localities worldwide
Industrial Diamonds - full range of shapes, sizes, and qualities
Diamond Specimens - every type, size, and configuration

Polished Diamonds

75.30ct. Cuttable
Distorted Cube Crystal

Round Brilliants, Fancy Shapes, Exotics, Certified Diamonds, D Flawless to Fancy, Intense and Vivid Colors. We are Cutters & Manufacturers as well as Importers & Exporters.

The Diamond Rough® Education Course

Specialized training by Kenneth Glasser, DRE

Diamond Trade Services

Diamond Rough Buyers and Purchasing Agents. Diamond Mining Consultants, Diamond Assays & Valuations for Mine Properties & Potential Finds, Liquidators and Closeout Buyers for the Diamond, Jewelry, lapidary and Precious Stone Trade. Private Estates purchased. (Diamond Rough is also commonly known as Rough Diamonds).

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